Denise Sanborn, CTC, DS
Travel Consultant

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Miscellaneous Information:

My first travel to Europe in 1974 confirmed my love of travel and seeing new places, and so it begins. I started working for Sofitel Hotels, then on to a major car rental company and in 1978 I started with my first travel agency in Minneapolis. It was the largest Corporate Agency in the Midwest and I continued in the Corporate Travel reservations side of travel in California. When I married I downsized to a small "mom and pop" agency in San Ramon, it rekindled my love of Europe and leisure travel. I became a fully independent consultant in 1990 and worked through two agencies at the time. The Gulf War brought on a whole new "appreciation of the travel agency business" and I began to see who was in it for the long haul. I continued to be an independent contractor and worked from home through the same agency in San Ramon for 25+ years.

I feel that the most important part of staying on top of the crazy and every changing business is to continue to learn. After 40+ years I still learn of new destinations and read up and attend as many travel meetings as possible.  Keeping in touch with vendors, hotels, cruises, and meeting new colleague is crucial. Being a member of The Signature Travel Network consortium has been the best thing that has happened in my career.  Being a member, allows myself to offer you, the client, exclusive amenities, and perks such as hotel upgrades in addition to strengthening my direct relationships with hotels, tour operator, tourism boards and cruise lines.

  My specialty is Western Europe, though I have done just about all of it.  I have traveled to and am very experienced with New Zealand and Australia, South American, Central America, and all of North America. Europe and Far East river cruises are my new passion. Please feel free to send me an email, as I would be happy to make your travel dreams come true. 

A big Thank You! to my valued clients who have stuck with me through the changes in the business. Some of you for 30+ years. You are my family!